Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

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The certification in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program has been designed with the E&ICT Academy, IIT industry leaders to provide the best learning outcome to the aspiring Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning learners. This 6-months extensive program will help you prepare for the Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, and AI Engineer roles.

This course will bolster your foundational skills in Artificial Intelligence. Make the most of our Expert Mentorship facility and gain a practical understanding of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Make the most of our real-world projects from diverse industries. This course goes a long way towards helping you unlock lucrative career opportunities in the coveted fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Our cutting-edge course allows you to specialise your intelligence, regardless of your sector. This Masters in Artificial Intelligence is one of few courses that is purely AI-focused, covering an extensive range of AI, Robotics and Machine Learning tools and techniques.

All the modules on the course speak directly to the skills that employers are actively seeking within the AI development sector. From building students’ skills in Python programming, to the fundamental techniques of computer programming, and the core machine learning and data science knowledge that underpins many AI applications, this course exposed you to the most in-demand topics within AI.

Course Highlight

Artificial Intelligence 6 Months Course Duration

Artificial intelligence certification and training courses are offered to professionals and students at all levels of understanding and ability. Picking the right AI course is heavily dependent on the avenue you choose to explore within the rapidly developing AI domain. Getting AI certified guarantees enhanced professional opportunities.
Getting Artificial Intelligence certified offers a number of benefits, including;
  • A growing number of professional opportunities as one in five companies use AI to fuel better decision-making. 
  • Get the option of venturing into new and unconventional career paths. With over 2.3 million jobs created in the field by 2020, the opportunities are far and wide. 
  • Artificial intelligence engineers earn upwards of $135,000 annually; the certification offers a firm increase in potential earnings. 
  • Significantly better chances of advancement to an interview stage. Candidates with AI Certification are considered of higher value and are more likely to get hired.